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Mischief Loves Tasers: A Darcy and Loki Community
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A community that supports Darcy Lewis and Loki Laufeyson from 'Thor'

About the Community

Welcome to 'Mischief Loves Tasers', a community that ships Darcy Lewis and Loki Laufeyson! Although they never shared any screentime in Thor, it is our belief that Darcy and Loki are similar enough in wit and personality to make a good match - the kind where sparks would definitely fly. :D

If you're interested in this pair and their potential as a romantic pair or even as friends alone, then this is the place for you. So, feel free to take a look around and join us in supporting this ship. ♥

Rules and Other Important Info

(1) Feel free to post anything that is related to Darcy/Loki, including:

- Fan Fiction (All ratings, from gen/friendship to romance.)

- Artwork (i.e., drawings, paintings, etc. - of all ratings)

- Pictures and Other Graphics (i.e., icons, wallpaper, manips, GIFs, etc.)

- Fan Videos

- Fan Mixes

- Role Plays

- Discussions about Darcy and/or Loki in Thor, Thor 2, or other possible Marvel films.

- News and/or photos about Kat Dennings and/or Tom Hiddleston

** If you would like to post anything large (i.e., pictures, banners, wallpaper, icon bundles, etc.) or anything lengthy (i.e., fanfic, etc.), kindly do so behind an LJ-cut for the benefit of all members. **

*** Also, if you plan to post anything that is rated 'M' or 'NC-17' (i.e., artwork, fanfiction, etc.), kindly remember to make use of the 'Adult Content' drop-down box on the bottom right-hand corner when posting an entry, and choose either 'Adult Concepts' or 'Explicit Adult Concepts'. This way, everyone has fair warning of what to expect beforehand. ***

(2) If you link to or post other work that was made by someone else (e.g., artwork, graphics, etc.), please remember to give credit to the original creator when doing so.

(3) If you would like to promote any other fandom communities, forums, websites, and/or contests, please contact me via PM (private message) and let me know before posting any notices. Otherwise, I will be forced to delete them.

Also, if you have any questions or are interested in affiliating with our community, feel free to contact me via PM, and I'll be very happy to get back to you! :)

(4) Spamming the community is NOT ALLOWED whatsoever. Any posts that appear to be 'spam-like' (e.g., porn pictures or links, unusual advertisements, etc.) will be deleted automatically, and anyone who posts such entries will be banned.

(5) Last but not least, we want this to be a fun place for everyone. So, please be kind and respectful when posting comments and discussing your opinions with others. No bashing, folks - although I'm confident that this won't be a problem anyway. ♥ If it does become an issue, I will give fair warning before taking serious action.

Affiliate Links

DeviantArt: 'Mischief Loves Tasers - A Darcy Lewis/Loki Laufeyson Art Group'

Facebook: 'Mischief Loves Tasers - A Darcy Lewis/Loki Laufeyson Fan Page'

Twitter: 'Mischief Loves Tasers - The Darcy/Loki Laufeyson Twitter Feed'

Tumblr: 'FuckYeahLokiDarcy'












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